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Limassol district

Prastio Avdimou Village

a story of many centuries

Administratively part of the province of Limassol and ecclesiastically part of the Holy Metropolis of Paphos, Prasteio is situated 40 kilometres west of the city of Limassol and 45 kilometres from Paphos. As a result of its proximity to the village of Avdimou, it is known as Prasteio (Avdimou). From the south, one can see the coastal regions of Cyprus, while from the north, one can see the mountainous regions. The village is located 380 metres above sea level. Due to the village’s soil composition, seasonal vegetation, grains, several carob trees, and olives were cultivated. Today, the inhabitants’ activities have diminished significantly, but Prasteio remains an agricultural region.

Things to do
Prastio Avdimou is packed with amazing and breathtaking sights. It is challenging to evaluate if it would be more beneficial to concentrate on natural, historical, or religious attractions. However, because to the abundance of interesting places to visit, it is possible for the typical traveller to experience all aspects of the village.


Prastio Village